Tacos El Wero, Tulum Pueblo

I am often asked, “where are the best tacos in Tulum?” This is a very hard question to answer. The tacos around Tulum are all generally the same and made up of the same basic ingredients. Or are they???
I like different taco places for different things. But I have recently found a new taco places that satisfies the whole family in 1 stop. The new Taco El Wero in Tulum. Located just next to the Fruiteria Pool just 2 blocks off the main avenue. To get to this great spot simply make a left at the first glorietta (or roundabout) at the entrance of the main avenue. Rocca and Scotia bank are on the left corner.
The first thing that I loved about this spot was the fresh made FLOUR tortillas. Everything around here is corn tortillas which are awesome but fresh FLOUR tortillas. These are as worth it as fresh corn. And even better- rare around here. Remember how I said that tacos in Tulum are pretty much the same? Well, here is 1 spot where Tacos El Wero stands out.
The place is brightly painted and easy to find. Decorated with murals, near completion depicting the owners home state of Nuevo Leon. This young family from Monterrey really understands what to serve up to its hungry clientele. The options on the menu range from carne asada to chorizo and eggs, chicharon and Tinga. There are also a number of basics that are perfect for kids, picky eaters or simple snacks.
For this meal I had 1 carne asada, 1 Tinga – made of a shredded chicken, and a bean and cheese quesadilla as well as some fried bean quesadillas all made with their amazing fresh flour tortillas.
The Carne Asada was my favorite. The meat was thick and juicy. It was also not fatty which I liked. There are some taco stands that have very fatty meat- partly because that is what a lot of people like for their tacos. This meat was wonderful. In addition to the quality of the meat itself was the beautiful sauce that covered the meat. This taco was amazing. Especially with all the fixings….. ohhh baby!!!! the Tinga is also a fav. The meat is moist and full of flavor.
Now it was time to dress my little babies for lunch! The condiments, all displayed in classic molcajetes, range between a red jalapeno based salsa and a Serrano paste salsa with the traditional shredded cabbage and tomatoes. Both salsas had a bite but were full of spices and flavor. I heard another diner say to her friend, “they should bottle these salsas and sell them.” I could not agree more. Especially the thick Serrano paste salsa. It was great. I am not sure if my husband would ever be able to kiss me again but I could eat a bottle of that alone.
Great location…CHECK!!!
Good quality ingredients and tasty food… CHECK!!!
Next is the price…. This is important here in Tulum- well everywhere I guess. The prices at Tacos El Wero are great. Only 7 pesos for a taco and only 7 pesos for a drink!!!! That is a great deal. Especially for the amount of meat that you get in your taco. Plus they have a killer deal 5 tacos vapor and a drink for only 30 pesos!!!! WOW! That is great!
This is a place that satisfies the whole family! Come by and check out this great spot for the whole family. Or grab a big order to go and take it down to the beach or to your favorite cenote. These guys will fill up your bag with plenty of fixings for that perfect lunch.
This is one of those spots that is perfect for the whole family. Food that satisfies everyone, salsa that make you sweat and prices that you can smile about. See you at Tacos El Wero. Open Monday thru Saturday 8-3!!!!

24 Hour Tortas – Late night eats in Tulum

There are not a lot of spots to grab some really good grub after a late night of having a good time with friends. Luckily there is the always tasty- 24 Hour Torta place. There are actually a few. One is at the entrance to town and has a big sign that says “Big Sandwich” I have not eaten there but my husband has and he said that is was very good.

But the one at the end of town – I have eaten here a few times. And let me tell you that it is fantastic. Tortas are a like a taco on a bread roll. They are very good and come in as many combinations at tacos do. They are little more expensive than your regular taco but then again- they will you up a lot more too. I wish I knew the name of this place but all it says anywhere is TORTAS!

There were many options and all were good. We got a few of the pollo (chicken) and a few of the milanesa (a breaded and friend beef.) Both had black beans lettuce, onions, tomato, cheese and loads of meat. They are a great snack for kids and they are the perfect thing to get after a late night of drinking and not eating as much as you needed to!

Don Tamale Taco

I think this is one of the best taco places in Tulum. Just on the right hand side of the street of the main avenue in Tulum, right across from the police station is a little red casita. it is right off the corner of Tulum Ave and Centauro Nte.


I absolutely love this place.

This is one of those places that we take people to or get tacos to go every time someone comes to visit. Both of the salsas are great

In the morning and getting towards lunch they have amazing omelets with meat and all fixings and fantastic tamales. In the evening they reopen and have tamales as well but my absolute favorite is the tacos. They only have these during the day.

These tacos are heated through tortillas, topped with black beans, perfectly spiced chicken, sauteed onions, tomatoes and a little cabbage. When partnered with their red salsa and just a little of their green habanero salsa- this is a fantastic snack or meal. We often will take a bunch of these to the beach for an easy picnic with a 6 pack of beer.

That really is the making of a perfect day.


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